jueves, 24 de abril de 2008

The Power of English

Always has been told that English increases the chances for anyone to get a better job, to have a better lifestyle and quality of life. I think it's true because English somehow has been imposed as "The Language".

The official currency is the dollar so if you want to earn a real big amount, you must once and for all get dollars, then, to get some bucks you must be at the same level of those who are going to pay you. Therefore, speak english as well as they do.

But, by now just forget about your career and professional stuff and just imagine this: You don't speak a bit of english, but you're at Cancun and see some "gringas mamacitas" enjoying their spring break. Mandatorily you think: "Eso me pasá por no estudiar inglés, si supiera ya me las estaría ligando" but.. oh sad disappointment... Cruel reality tells you that's not gonna happen haha. :(

Or just about going to the cinema to watch a film you really like and avoid the disturbing activity about reading the subtitles while watching the movie. Quite disturbing, uh? Or maybe you wanna watch it in spanish with those terrible voices, not really, uh?

English always gives you some advantages. Whether you like it or not. It brings you a wide range of options and posibilities. Think about it.

The point about this topic is not to make a spot for "Inglés sin Barreras". No way. It is just that lately i have been thinking about it and it's no more than the current reality.

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